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If your loved one has been arrested in Connecticut, get your loved one release from judicial custody using Hawkins & Associates as a first step. Court cases can be drawn out for many months or years, even for a minor criminal or a motor vehicle charge. Research show that those defendants who had been subject to pretrial detention were more likely to be incarcerated and receive longer sentences than defendants who had been released pending disposition.

Assembled with 24 years of bail bonding experience, Hawkins and Associates provides Informative, competent, dependable and cost-effective surety bail bonds in Connecticut and Nationwide. Call Hawkins and Associates for unfailing bail bond service.

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Get the information and answers about the bail bond process from friendly, competent and experienced surety bail bond agent.

dependable bail bondsman


Get the dependable and reliability bail bond service from surety bail agent with over 25 years experience.

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Get a bail bondsman with 24 hour availability for all police departments, courthouses* and correctional institutions in Connecticut.

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Get the flexible and economical payment options to purchase a surety bail bond with 0% financing.